I am now a CDC Certified Divorce Coach and a NYU certified Life Coach.  For fun, I enjoy doing just about anything in the sunshine... including training for triathlons, riding horses and walking my two dogs.

​​​​​​I began my career working as a financial services recruiter and placement professional on Wall Street.  I then worked in operations at an investment bank where I focused on project management. After leaving the formal workforce to raise my two boys, I completed my MBA.  With my sons headed off to college, I began to explore career opportunities.  I realized that what motivates me most is helping others to succeed.  I have always been a solutions-oriented person with a positive mindset.  Helping others through Life Coaching was the perfect fit.

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D Conte Coaching, LLC

MBA, CDC Certified Divorce Coach, NYU Certified Life Coach

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Life doesn't always go as planned.  Jobs are lost, friends move away, marriages end...  Sometimes it feels like nothing is working out.  We feel alone and helpless.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You do not have to waste time suffering alone.  Every day is a new beginning.  Each moment an opportunity to decide what you want to do, where you want go and what you want to become.  So, what's holding you back?  Why aren't you making the choices to get you where you want to be? 

As a Certified Life Coach and CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, I provide practical, positive support to individuals who are going through life transitions.  I help you develop the courage to handle life’s changes and create sustainable change.  No two people or situations are alike.  Therefore, all services are tailored to support your specific needs.  With my support, feelings of overwhelm will be reduced and you will learn to think more clearly and make better decisions to construct the life or reach the goals that you envision.  We have only one life...let's work together to make the most of it!


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Life Coaching

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​​​Denise guided me in addressing some challenges in my personal life and helped me develop a practical plan for a more fulfilling life.  Her focus is on helping us make the choices that move us forward.  She was patient, understanding, nonjudgmental and always positive.  Thanks Denise! 

- Susan R.

Denise Conte

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